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AAU World Championships Oct 25-27, 2002  Richmond VA

The AAU World Meet will be held this October in Richmond, VA.

Well vacation is over and hopefully everyone is rested and ready to go. The weather was great, the ocean was full of waves, but most important..the BEER WAS COLD.

This time our routine is eight weeks. We found out that anything longer not only was counter productive, it caused us to lose interest and become overtrained. Too much, too long, too heavy.

Bench will start at 135 and cycle up to 195/200 x2x2.

Squat will start at 205 and end up at 320x2x2, while the deadlift will end at 430x2x1.

We will drop all assistance exercises about three weeks out and just do the three main lifts. At the meet we would like 190-320-430-930 + or -.

Bought a new Hardcore Suit and a Titan Fury bench shirt. I could not get into the Hardcore, so they sent me a size 30. Success, but not without a struggle. The bench shirt has not gotten here as of today..9/16/02. I have heard it is different than the Inzer, so I'll give it a try.


If you have any routines or pictures of your training that you would like posted, email them to us and we will, if they are deemed appropriate, put them on the page. It would be good to let those that visit see how and what folks are doing for workouts.