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I live in The United States of America. Maybe it's not fashionable to be proud of were you live, but I am. You see, I live in a coutry that allows me the freedom to be whatever I set my sites on. It gives me the freedom of choice and speech. It allows me to have a career and a family. It gives me the opportunity to succeed or fail without fear of retribution. Living in this country, gives our family the choice of when and where we will vacation, live, and work. Here in the US, I am my own person. I can exercise and compete in the sport I love dearly. In this country my children can go to school and learn. They can go to dance class, athletic events, and worship their own God safely.
In this country I can voice an opinion, vote for my leaders, and dissent from the popular views of the day.. I can express feelings and emotions when I think things are great, or going badly. Here, in this country, I don't have to be politically correct in order to remain safe.
Yet, there is a price being paid for all that we have as Americans. It is at times the highest price a person can pay for his or her country.
I see that price in my husband Frank. He paid his price at the age of 18 over in Viet Nam. In many ways he is still paying, having lost much of his youth, still at times, he is in so far away place recalling the violence as if it were happening today. Sad part is that nothing anyone can do, will change, alter, or right, those things, times, and emotions that were taken from him and all the other veterans.
My take might seem one-sided because it is, and always will be. Support your country, even if you don't agree, kiss your children, strive to be your best, and above all, LIFT HARD and be your best.