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If you have ever lifted in any APA meet you have met Scott Taylor. Scott is the heart and soul of the APA. Besides being the president, Scott is also one of the friendliest most accessible people you could ever meet. Unlike many in this sport that tend to be hard to reach or completely oblivious to what goes on in the "trenches", Scott shows his love for the sport and those involved with powerlifting in his commitment and dedication.

If you have the opportunity to lift or go watch any APA meet, you will be struck by not only the quality lifting, but how friendly and helpful all the lifters seem to be towards each other. That is becoming a rareity in a sport increasingly filled and dictated by politics and favoritism.

Scott recently underwent major surgery. I wish him a speedy and complete recovery, and want to see him back at the meets.

Waiting To Deadlift At The 2002 APA Virginia Open
I'm Gonna Take That Damn Camera And............