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My Tribute To Barbara

My Tribute To Barbara
2005 IPF Master's World Champioships Pretoria South Africa
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2005 USAPL Woman's Nationals
2004 AAU World Push-Pull/ Richmond Invitational

Barbara and Bob Strauss
Could Never Find A More Dedicated Individual

Barbara loved the sport of powerlifting. She was an avid competitor an successful meet director. Her efforts helped bring the AAU to a place of prominence in Virginia and the surrounding areas.
All of her meets were well run and extremely organized, and the competitors were always treated first rate. I find it very difficult dealing with the news that she has passed on. Her enthusiasm was unparalled, and it showed each and everytime I had the opportunity to speak with her, or attend one of her meets.
What makes her so special to me, is the fact that when I was sort of floating around searching for some consistancy with respect to a federation, Barbara welcomed me into the AAU with open arms.
It was here that I  started having a small amount of success, and finally saw my totals climb. All along Barbara would call or email me to bolster my spirits. I cannot tell you the number of emails and calls where she would say "Now You're Not Going To Quit Or Retire, you have much left inside" When i branched into the USAPL and sort of away from her group, it was Barbara that would email me to say she missed me at the AAU meets, but understood why I was not around as much. That she was so proud that "One Of Our Very Own AAU Family" was doing great on the big stage. That I should get out there and show them. That there would always be a place for me at her meets.
Our last email was a week ago, and it was just to let me know how proud she was of my IPF World Meet accomplishments, and that she had to be certain I was not going to retire or quit. That I owed her a meet.
I remember a phone call about 3 years ago from Barbara (excited as usual) telling me about 'The Women Of Steel" and would I be interested in joining the team. I said yes, got a shirt, and lifted as part of her team at one of her meets.
If you look on the Virginia AAU web page, you can see "The Women Of Steel" team. She would email and ask about things to do at meets and what would I do in a certain situation. I could never give a good answer since by the time I figured one out, we would be on to another topic.
I did take away the feeling that she truly loved the sport and the individuals involved. That like me, powerlifting had become an important part of her life.
I, along with many others are going to miss Barbara. I am sure she is in heaven, and if there is a powerlifting team, she is already setting up a meet.